in jail………..


I live in the city of Hyderabad…………….65 million years ago, a massive object crashed into the earth, and all life was wiped out including the Dinosaurs…….

the impact was so huge , that a big land mass was thrown up out of the earth….the Deccan Plateau….where millions of years  later the famous Golconda diamonds were  found, including the world famous Kohinoor Diamond that now adorns the crown of the British monarch…….the British were fond of the local ruler who was loyal to them , and so 300 years ago while most of vast India was ruled by the British,  the Deccan…….including the modern day city of Hyderabad…..was ruled by the muslim ruler, the Nizam.

One of his loyal officers was a Hindu , who was so much trusted by the Nizam , that he was entrusted with the duty of collection of taxes and other revenues of the state. He was called RamDas (god servant– servant of god) …

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